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Tulsa Holiday Catering

Desserts & Baked Goods for Any Holiday Celebration

It's the holidays ... for many, the busiest time of the year! But do not fear, Sweets & Cream is here to help you with all of your holiday celebration catering needs. Located in the heart of Tulsa, our bake shop offers great dessert options that will add a touch of sweet spice to any occasion or social gathering. See how our holiday catering assortments can help mark one more thing off your list this season.

We like to keep it simple. Our cookie and brownie trays will delight your holiday guests. Choose from 12 flavors of delectable cookies and 2 flavors of soft, rich brownies. Cookie flavors include chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, sugar, chocolate crackle, red velvet, strawberry, and more. Brownie flavors include dark fudge and blonde caramel. With these hand-made dessert options available, your event will be a true success.

Have an office party that requires sweet treats? We can help with that too! Not only does Sweets & Cream fulfill made to order deliveries, but we also have a brand-new space attached to the shop that you can use for your party! Invite your co-workers into a truly unique experience at Sweets 2D. It’s the perfect setting that will add a bit of holiday cheer to your team’s get together.

For more information about our holiday dessert catering services and event space in Tulsa, please visit the catering page or call 918.633.3182.

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