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Premier Dessert Catering for Every Occasion.


Tulsa Dessert Catering Made Simple

Sweets & Cream is here to meet your Tulsa catering needs. Our ice cream and dessert shop makes everything fresh in-house and at a price that is simply unmatched by anyone else in the city. Whether for a birthday party, office event, wedding reception, or any other type of social function, we offer a full line of simple to present sweet desserts for any occasion.

We pride ourselves on being one of Tulsa's most reliable options for dessert catering. We can even come to your event and put together ice cream cookie sandwiches at your guests’ request. Our cookie flavors include chocolate chip, sugar, red velvet, double chocolate chip, confetti, strawberry and more. Ice cream flavor options include vanilla, chocolate, whitehouse cherry, mint chocolate chip, and more!

Whatever your catering needs, Sweets & Cream in Tulsa is here to help! Call us today at 918.633.3182 or visit the catering page for more information and to place your order. Welcome to the sweet life!