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Tulsa's #1 choice for birthday party catering.


Tulsa Birthday Catering Company

When it comes to making someone's special day even sweeter, Sweets & Cream is your dedicated Tulsa birthday catering source. Our sweet treats will add a touch of splendor to your happy occasion. Conveniently located on historic Route 66 near the 11th & Yale corridor, partnering with our team for your exciting party day could not be easier.

No matter the time of year,  you will enjoy selecting from our sweet assortment of catering dessert options. Need a cake? No problem! Our ice creak cookie cakes are a Tulsa birthday hit among people from all ages. Want to get a variety of cookie and brownie treats? We've got you covered! Mix n' match your own boxes any way you like. Choose from chocolate chip, sugar, strawberry, lemon, snickerdoodle, confetti, double chocolate chip and more. Brownie flavors include rich fudge and light blonde.

For more information about our Tulsa birthday catering options, please visit the catering page or call 918.633.3182.

Sweets & Cream ... it doesn't get much better than this!