Over 5900 New Pieces of School Supplies Provided to 6 Tulsa-Area Schools Through Sweets & Cream Tips for Charity Initiative

Tips for Charity - Sweets & Cream - Pencil Box Tulsa - July 2018

TULSA, Okla., (August 22, 2018) With anticipation of the new school year quickly approaching, Tips for Charity partnered with Pencil Box Tulsa as its July recipient. The initiative works year-round in support of local city non-profit organizations that strive to better the community. The donations that were collected throughout the month were from wonderful customers and patrons of the ice cream cookie sandwich shop located at 1114 S. Yale Avenue in Tulsa.

With the help of hundreds that donated towards this cause, Tips for Charity was able to support the Pencil Box goal of offering students hope for tomorrow by empowering them for success today with a wide variety of materials that support learning. The community's generous donations enabled Pencil Box to purchase an additional 1440 markers, 2160 colored pencils, 180 compasses, 900 pink erasers, 180 packages of notebook paper, 360 pencils, 180 rulers, 180 spiral notebooks, 180 pocket folders, and 180 protractors for 6 secondary Tulsa schools to use throughout the 2018/2019 school year.

Pencil Box Tulsa is located at 916 West 23rd Street. Its mission is to maximize the academic potential of disadvantaged students and equalize the learning experience, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, by offering throughout the year school supplies, educational tools and incentive items necessary for successful learning.

About Tips for Charity

The Tips for Charity program was initiated in March of 2018 by owners of Sweets & Cream on Route 66 in Tulsa. This effort is made possible through the generous donations of its customers and patrons who come into the 11th & Yale ice cream cookie sandwich shop. The monies that are collected benefit a variety of charities and organizations located in the Tulsa community.

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